The Baseball Scroll is a blog that promotes the unshakable historical connection of African Americans to the sport of baseball.  Due to many issues, some sociological, interest in baseball among African Americans has declined.  But their historical connection to the sport cannot be erased by the current trend.  African Americans are embedded into the fabric of baseball history.
Even when racism kept black players out of the Major Leagues, African-Americans still remained baseball fans.  They not only had their favorite Major League teams, but created their own pro baseball leagues; Negro League baseball.  And the years proclaimed by historians as “baseball’s golden era (1946 – 1960)” coincides with the integration of Major League baseball by African American ballplayers.  That is more than a coincidence. 

To promote this unshakable historical connection, The Baseball Scroll’s content includes my personal reflections, as an African American, on baseball events of my youth, history of Negro League baseball, and information about baseball’s “golden era”; and beyond. 

I'm a baseball history author and aficionado (Negro League, Major League; especially 1947 - 1975) who collects baseball history books (biographies, team histories, memoirs, etc) and vintage baseball cards.  I have a passion for baseball, especially the historical aspects of it.

My first book on Negro League baseball, Last Train to Cooperstown:  The 2006 Baseball Hall of Fame Inductees from the Negro League Baseball Era, was published by Black Rose Writing this past March.  It is available at all local bookstores and can be ordered on line via, Barnes &, Black Rose, and 

An ebook version is also available through Smashwords, Kindle, Nook, and other digital platforms.

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