Tuesday, June 25, 2013

KCKAA Pirate Update

The Pirates, a team of 10 – 12 year old boys playing in the Kansas City RBI (Reviving Baseball in Inner City) league, are 8 – 5.  Not bad for a team of mostly first and second year inner city players learning the fundamentals of the sport.  The keys to the team’s success have been pitchers who throw strikes and do not walk lots of opposing batters, the team’s hitting has improved, and its improved defense.  However, there are still too many dropped balls (trying to catch with one hand instead of two) and errant throws.  Also, some players still need attitude adjustments as they willfully do not want to follow directions.  Knowing they did not have perfect attitudes in their youth, the team’s coaches try to be tolerant.  However, they are not going to allow the patients to run the asylum.
There have been games where the team has been outmatched and ones the team won handily.  The best games however have been the close ones when both the Pirates and their opponent play well.  During those games, there was an infectious, exciting atmosphere that both the players and their fans were caught up.  An atmosphere that is no different than a Major League game.  An atmosphere that gives no credibility to anyone who says baseball is a dull sport.  An  excitement Pirate players will always remember about the sport.

How is your favorite little league team doing?


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