Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Negro League baseball history fact for today

In 1971, the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York created a committee to identify players from Negro League baseball deserving induction.  At that time, Jackie Robinson (1962) and Roy Campanella (1969) were the only African American Hall of Fame inductees.  The Committee on the Negro Leagues consisted of former Negro League players and executives, and African American sportswriters of the Negro League baseball era. It was tasked with giving long overdue recognition and honor to those who could not display their God given baseball talents in the Major Leagues due to racism.
Based on the committee’s selection, the following Negro league players were inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame:

Satchel Paige – 1971
Josh Gibson – 1972
Walter “Buck” Leonard – 1972

Monte Irvin – 1973

James “Cool Papa” Bell – 1974

William Julius “Judy” Johnson – 1975
Oscar Charleston – 1976

On February 3, 1977; Martin Dihigo and John Henry “Pop” Lloyd were selected for induction.  This would be the Committee’s last action as it was disbanded and the Hall of Fame’s Veterans’ Committee was then given the responsibility of identifying former Negro League players for possible enshrinement into the Hall of Fame.

Who is your favorite player from the Negro League baseball era?

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