Friday, June 20, 2014

The Negro League Baseball history fact for today

Cumberland Willis Posey, born June 20, 1891 began his baseball career playing with a black team in his hometown of Homestead, Pennsylvania; the Homestead Grays.  The year was 1911.  In 1920, he bought the team.  By the time he died in 1946, Posey had turned the Homestead Grays into one of the most renown and successful Negro League Baseball franchises.
From 1937 – 1945, the Grays finished first in the Negro National League eight times and played in four Negro League World Series, winning two:  1943 and 1944. 

Hall of Famers Buck Leonard, Josh Gibson, James “Cool Papa” Bell, Oscar Charleston, Judy Johnson, “Smokey” Joe Williams, Jud Wilson, Martin Dihigo, Willie Wells, Willie Foster, and Raymond Brown all wore a Homestead Gray uniform at one time or another in their careers to play for Posey.  

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