Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Negro League baseball history fact for today - Sherwood Brewer

Sherwood Brewer was so versatile he played multiple infield positions and in the outfield.  Although born in Clarksdale, Mississippi on August 16, 1923, Brewer learned to play baseball while growing up in Centralia, Illinois.   After playing on military teams while in the Army during World War II, Brewer signed with the Harlem Globetrotters’ baseball team in 1946 and the New York Cubans in 1948.
For the next three years he played the Indianapolis Clowns.  Brewer was selected to play in the Negro League East–West All Star Game in 1949 as an outfielder, 1950 as a third baseman, and 1951 as a shortstop. 
After one year with a minor league team in white organized baseball, Brewer went back to the Negro Leagues and played with the Kansas City Monarchs.  He had to switch over to second base because the Monarchs had a kid named Ernie Banks at shortstop.  Brewer made his final East-West All Star Game appearance in 1953 at second base.  He was selected to four All Star Games at four different positions.
Brewer retired after playing minor league baseball in 1955 and 1956.  He died in Chicago on June 22, 2003.
What African American second baseman was a part of the double play combo with Ernie Banks for the Chicago Cubs from 1953 – 1957?

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