Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Negro League baseball history fact for today

James Buster “Buzz” Clarkson was a 5’11’, 210 lb. shortstop/outfielder who played Negro League baseball for 13 years (1937 – 1950); playing eight seasons with the Philadelphia Stars.  While with the Newark Eagles in 1940, Clarkson was selected to play in the Negro League East-West All Star game (scored a run) and was also selected in 1949 while with the Philadelphia Stars (one hit and one RBI).  In 1952, Clarkson made his Major League debut with the Boston Braves; he was 34 years old.  After that one season with the Braves in which he played in only 14 games, Clarkson spent the remainder of his career as one of the first African-Americans to play in the Texas League.