Thursday, May 23, 2013

The KCKAA Pirates update

The Kansas City, Kansas Athletic Association Pirates won their first game last week 6-3.  After being trounced 16 – 2 in the season opener, it was good the team was able to respond with a victory.  The players are working hard absorbing the fundamentals of the game and seeing their efforts result in a win enhances the learning process.  Their opponent out hit them, but the Pirates put together what appears to be the right combination for victory at this youth league level:  pitchers that throw strikes and fielders that catch the ball.  Both are fundamental elements of the game of baseball.
The players were excited about the win.  There is not much that matches the joy in a young ballplayers' face when he or she makes their first putout or gets their first hit.  Most of these players will never score a football touchdown or hit a three point shot in basketball.  However, they will remember their first taste of success playing baseball.

The Pirates have now experienced both losing and winning.  Hopefully, their desire for another taste of the latter will motivate them to practice even harder.  Stay tuned!

What do you remember about your first winning experience in playing youth league baseball?

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