Monday, May 27, 2013

The Negro League baseball history fact for today

Considered one of the most versatile players in baseball, Martin Dihigo was born on May 25, 1905 in Cuba.  He began as a 17 year old second baseman in 1923 with the Cuban Stars of the new Eastern Colored League (ECL).  However; by the time his 22 year career ended, 12 of which were in Negro League baseball, Dihigo had played every position except catcher and performed at each as an All Star.  In a 1981 poll of former Negro League players and black newspaper sportswriters, he got votes for the best outfielder, third baseman, and second baseman in Negro League baseball.  Dihigo had a strong arm for pitching and speed to cover ground in the outfield and steal bases.  A right handed power hitter, he was among the league leaders in home runs and batting average each year.  In addition to playing with the Cuban Starts East (1923 – 27, 1930), Dihigo also dawned the uniforms of the Homestead Grays (1928), Hilldale Daisies (1929, 1931), and the New York Cubans (1935 – 36, 1945).  He is one of only two players in the National Baseball Hall of Fame (1977 inductee) and the Baseball Halls of Fame of both Mexico and Cuba.              

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