Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Negro League baseball history fact for today

Charley Pride travelled the roads of Negro League baseball before making his mark as American Country Music’s first African-American star performing artist. In the early 1950’s, Pride pitched first for the Memphis Red Sox and then the Birmingham Black Barons; his constant companion on long bus rides between games being a guitar.  He was a Major League prospect with what he called a “ a pretty good little curveball”, but hurt his arm while pitching in 1956 and never regained his big league potential form.  After serving in the military, Pride played baseball in the lower minor leagues beginning in 1958.  Following failed tryouts with the New York Mets and Los Angeles Angels in the early 1960’s, he left baseball and went on to make American Country Music history.  Pride currently is a part of the investment group owning Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers.

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