Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Negro League baseball history fact for today – February 27, 2013

Hilton Smith was born on this date in Giddings, Texas; 1907.  Although the most well-known pitcher in Negro League baseball was the great Satchel Paige, many former Negro League players have said the toughest hurler they faced was Hilton Smith.  With his quiet and reserved nature, Smith did not attract as much media attention as the boisterous and flamboyant Paige.  However, the six foot two Texan got the respect of Negro League batters because of the variety of pitches he threw with precision control; including what was considered the best curve ball in Negro League baseball.   From 1937 -1948, Smith was a part of the Kansas City Monarch pitching staff; which including Satchel Paige, that led the team to six Negro American League pennants and a Negro League World Series Championship.  Hilton Smith pitched in seven Negro League East-West All Star Games and was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.  

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